Brewery 99

417F Broad Street

New Bern, NC 28560

Hours:  Fri - Sat


(252) 259-6393

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The Hideout Oatmeal Stout is our darkest beer on tap.  It has a complex grain and hop bill that provides a smooth full bodied flavor. 

We fill growlers! 

The newest addition is the Lunatic Gruit Ale. This ale is hop-less and instead flavored with sweet gale, woodruff, gentian root, and mugwort. High in ABV, this brew is not for the faint of heart, but you would be crazy not to try it!

Unique to Brewery 99, Smoke is true to its name.  This wheat beer is made with a mesquite smoked malt that produces an assertive smokey flavor.

The XXX is a strong, light-colored Belgian style ale. Sweeter than the other beers on tap, its higher alcohol content makes this the best sipping beer in town! 

This triple hopped lager has a smooth mouthfeel and body.  The bitterness is well balanced and provides a crisp refreshing finish. 

Our flagship & local favorite American Style Pale Ale.  The grain and hop bill are consistent year round.  Occasionally we will feature local produce in the brew, such as basil or blueberries.   

You'd be hard-pressed to find brews of this quality and character anywhere else.