Brewery 99

417F Broad Street

New Bern, NC 28560

Hours:  Fri - Sat


(252) 259-6393

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​Business Manager: Dan Frey
The oldest employee of Brewery99. Although he has only worked for his son, Peter, for four years, they still have more than 50 years together. Dan serves as an accountant tracking expenses, paying bills, filing reports, and generally keeping us in good standing with city, county, state, and federal agencies. He enjoys his role and watching Brewery99 grow.

President & Head Brewer: Pete Frey

 The brewing arts started for Frey as a curiosity and love for beer, which quickly evolved into a bit of a hooch business between his friends for use at parties.  Soon his brews gained a solid following for their quality, strength, and flavor.  Pete opened Brewery 99 in 2015.

Assistant Brewer & Brew Chemist: Danielle Shaw

Danielle is a native to Eastern North Carolina.  She attended UNC-Wilmington and graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry degree in 2010.  Joining the Brewery 99 team in June 2017 started as a part time job to supplement her income as a chemistry teacher but has turned into much more than that.  Since working at 99, she has strived to learn as much as possible about all things craft beer.